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We all know that to do business online you will need to have a website right? And to have a website, you also need to have a web hosting account.

In a brand new special offer, Dollar Hosting is offering a year of top web hosting for $1

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Scroll down my Dollar Hosting Review to discover detailed information about your soon-to-be handy sidekick.

Dollar Hosting Review- Overview


Creator Pat Flanagan
Product Dollar Hosting
Launch Date 2020-Jan-25
Launch Time 10:00 EDT
Official website
Front-End Price $12
Bonuses Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill All Levels
Guarantee 30-Day No Asked Refund
Niche General
Support Effective Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend Highly recommend!


What Is Dollar Hosting?

Dollar Hosting Review

Dollar Hosting is one year of quality webhosting for as little as ONE DOLLAR. That’s not one dollar per day, or one dollar per week, or one dollar per month… It’s one dollar for the entire first year!

And you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars and log in prepaid for some obnoxiously long time to get this amazing offer… You just pay as little as a dollar today and you have webhosting for a year. Such simple.

Dollar Hosting offers 3 levels of webhosting accounts. Our flagship tier UI hosting product is only 3.2 coins per day during launch!

About The Creator

Pat Flanagan

Dollar Hosting is mindfully built by Pat Flanagan

It has been a leader in developing and delivering out-of-the-box solutions to over 35,000 digital marketers worldwide since 2017.

Within three years of its founding, it brought to market many great tools that often rank among best-sellers as soon as they launch.

Some of them are Lifetime Hosting, Pixel Studio FX, Stockocity, Lifetime Studio FX, Pixel Studio FX 2 and Three For One Hosting.

Given his success, are you curious about what Dollar Hosting can offer you?

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Main Feature Of Dollar Hosting

  • LiteSpeed Powered Premium Hosting to Capture Your Visitors
  • SSD Storage for OS and MySQL with RAID Enterprise Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth for Unlimited Growth and Traffic
  • Free SSL Certificates that Protect Your Shoppers and Enhance Their Confidence
  • Premium Drag-and-Drop SiteBuilder with Over 120 Themes
  • Premium Spam Protection, Malware Protection to ensure your site safety
  • 450+ Website Apps to Install with 1-Click
  • Cage-FS Virtualized Account Containers to Protect Your Files from Nosy Neighbors
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Automatically updating Control Panel and Operating System for guaranteed security
  • sFTP Support to securely transfer files at lightning speed
  • 100% cPanel Control Panel for Easy Management
  • Create Unlimited Email Accounts, Autoresponders and Aliases
  • CloudFlare Worldwide CDN Integration Serve Pages Closest to Your Visitors Location
  • Generate Revenue with Dollar Hosting Commercial License (Platinum Level)
  • Cacheboost Enabled Ensuring Fastest Website Delivery During Peak Traffic
  • Host Your Clients Websites on Your Dollar Hosting Account (Platinum Level)
  • 24x7x365 Dedicated Technical Support
  • Ddos Mitigation to Keep Your Website Online Even When Under Attack
  • 5GB bonus off-server Raid6 Storage for you to store backups, videos, files and personal data
  • 120x Uptime Guarantee. Site Unavailable? Receive 120x Credit
  • One Year of Premium Webhosting for Less Than The Price Of One Month Elsewhere
  • Limited Time Special Offer During This One-Time Launch
  • $3800 in Signup Bonuses only available during our special launch
  • We’ve served over 75,000 paying customers.  We’re not new, we’re not “here today, gone tomorrow!”

How Does It Work?

Dollar Hosting not only comes with tons of fantastic features but also an easy-to-implement process.

Here, let me show you how to make use of this brilliant tool in three steps.

Step 1: Enter your existing domain name in your Dollar Hosting dashboard

Step 2: Setup one or more of our 450 web applications with a single click (or import your existing WordPress site in a single click)

Step 3: Publish your fast loading, SSL enabled site on Dollar Hosting with a few simple clicks.  It doesn’t get any easier.

What Does Dollar Hosting Do For You?

Top of The Line Hardware – Gives You Blazing Speeds:Specifically, AMD Ryzen 9 3900X minimum with 12 cores (24 HT cores), 64 GB DDR4 RAM, SSD Storage for OS and MySQL with Enterprise Sata RAID Memory , connected over 1Gbps Network. If you’re not a technical person, this just means you have a great server that’s as fast as a speeding bullet! No more potential buyers (or Google) left waiting for your site to load.

24/7 Support Available Whenever You Need It:Our friendly team of support engineers have been providing dynamic support for the past 16 years. If you ever have any issues with your hosting, simply submit a request and our team will help you resolve them quickly – most of the times within the first interaction!

99.9% Uptime Guarantee:Nothing is more important than having your website seen by your customers and clients. That’s why we’ll make sure your website is up to date and up to date. This way you will never discount!

One-Click WordPress Installations For Instant Websites:Every successful business needs a website. After all, that’s why you get a hosting account! We cover one-click WordPress installation like all the big boys, so you don’t have to mess around with complicated manual installation and database setups. Just click and start filling out your website, as simple as that.

Free SSL Certificates:Stay ahead of your competition in Google. Since 2014, Google has offered a ranking benefit to websites that use SSL certificates. Google will continue to give more priority to secure sites to “encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone on the web safe.” We’ve seen customers fall behind and ditch Google because they can’t afford SSL Certificates at $99.95/year per domain. And who can blame them! Now, with a free SSL Certificate for each domain, how could you not?

Unmetered Bandwidth: We don’t penalize you if you succeed. There is no limit on data transmission. Grow your traffic as fast as you want.

Create Unlimited Email Accounts and Forwarders at Your Domain:Promote your brand with each email. No more or – create unlimited accounts at your domain. Sales, support, administration, billing and more can all have their own email.

Over 450 Web Applications with One-Click Installation: In addition to our complete WordPress Control Center, we offer over 450 web apps that can be installed with one click. No additional database setup required. No need to upload files anymore. No need to configure php file anymore. No more headaches. Install the most popular web applications with just one click.

Premium Drag-and-Drop Sitebuilder with 120+ Templates:Don’t have a website? You can literally build your online business quickly and efficiently with our premium drag and drop website builder. No html, javascript or css to learn. Do not upload hundreds of images and files. No more headaches.

SSD Optimized Storage:Does not settle for standard shared storage HDD RAID. You need SSD optimized RAID storage for your storage. We include the Operating System and all MySQL databases in our premium SSD RAID storage.

Deluxe Spam Protection and Malware Protection:Remove viruses, phishing, and spam from your inbox. Stop wasting hours cleaning up your email manually. Take control of your mail. Prevent hackers from putting malware on your account. Proactively make sure your site stays online, making you money.

sFTP Support to Securely Transfer Files (not hackable FTP):Stop using FTP. Only. Stop. FTP has no encryption to protect your usernames, passwords, and even the contents of your files. You are sending private details over the network in plain text. Once a hacker is armed with these details, they have all the information they need to get into your accounts and systems without you even realizing it. We allow you to securely transfer your files through our https control panel and through sFTP (secureFTP.)

100% cPanel Hosting:Don’t get sucked into hosting with a shoddy control panel. We use industry standard, for 20 years. The cPanel interface allows you to do a multitude of things to manage your websites, intranet, and keep your online properties running smoothly. Publish your website. Create emails and calendars. Backup, transfer and manage files. Domain management. Launch the database. And much, much more.

Make Money with Commercial License Hosting:Do you have a client that needs web hosting? Don’t send them elsewhere to spend their money. You can now host their website on your Platinum tier Dollar Hosting account. Monthly billing, annual billing, one-time billing…. It completely depends on you.

Who Should Buy It?

Generally, Dollar Hosting is a MUST-HAVE item

It’s perfect for:

♦ Affiliate Marketers

♦ Youtube Marketers

♦ Video Marketers

♦ eCom Businesses

♦ Product Owners

♦ Local Businesses

♦ Social Influencers

♦ Anyone who uses videos for any purpose…

Dollar Hosting Review – PROS AND CONS

The Pros:

  • Full 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 100% Beginner Friendly
  • 100% Cloud-Based
  • 24-7 App Support Included
  • Commercial License
  • Deluxe server
  • Unlimited bandwidth

The Cons:

  • This product is so helpful with my online business so I don’t find any problem.

Bonus From Author

And to make things better, Dollar Hosting software also comes with a very interesting bonus system. You may not expect to get a lot of bonuses when you first start using Dollar Hosting but it is full of great features and extras to keep you satisfied.

You just have to check it out and it will be worth it.

Dollar Hosting Bonus

Price And Evaluation

Right now, it only takes you $12 for the FE Dollar Hosting version. You only need to pay once and that’s it. Honestly speaking, I have never seen such top-notch product that comes with such low price tag.

Also, think about the other expenses you have to pay.

If you grab this tool right away, you will get a bonus of Dollar Hosting, which is a FREE commercial license.

What are you waiting for without owning this tool right away? The clock is ticking, and you don’t have much time left to buy this tool at this reasonable starting price.

oder now
oder now

Dollar Hosting OTO

If you want to add more features to this software, then you can consider buying these upsells once you check out:

OTO 1: LAUNCH ONLY TripleUp Deal (FE buyer sent to matching package sales page)

  • Platinum TripleUp Deal… Launch Price $67
  • Gold TripleUp Deal… Launch Price $47
  • Silver TripleUp Deal… Launch Price $27

OTO 2: Powerup Hosting Upgrade (FE buyer sent to matching package sales page)

  • 4x Power Hosting Platinum… $67 Retail, Launch Price $47
  • 4x Power Hosting Gold… $47 Retail, Launch Price $37
  • 4x Power Hosting Silver… $37 Retail, Launch Price $27

OTO 3: AddOn Packages

  • Platinum: Upgrade to Bitninja Protection, Priority Backup Protection, Unlimited SSL Certificates, 200 Addl Website Themes, 50 GB Cloud FTP Storage, Deluxe Front-of-the-Line Support, Priority cPanel Migration… Retail $67, Launch Price $47
  • Gold: Upgrade to Bitninja Protection, Priority Backup Protection, Unlimited SSL Certificates, 200 Addl Website Themes, 50 GB Cloud FTP Storage… Retail $47 Launch Price $27

OTO 4: Domains Bundle

  • Platinum… Retail $97, Launch Price $67
  • Gold… Retail $67, Launch Price $47

OTO 5: LAUNCH ONLY Reseller Packages

  • Platinum Reseller… Launch Price $127 or 3x$47
  • Gold Reseller… Launch Price $97 or 3x$37
  • Silver Reseller… Launch Price $67 or 3x$27

digi Review

Final Thoughts

“It’s A Good deal. Should I Spend Today?”

Now you have come to the final part of my Dollar Storage Review. Through the review, we hope you have fully understood the features and value of using this product.

What are you waiting for? Try it today and get the Benefits now!

Ps: If you have any questions you want to ask me about the software or you simply want to express your feelings and thoughts about it. Please don’t hesitate to forward your comments, advice or corrections. I will answer honestly and thoughtfully for you. Thank you very much!

A quick note on the reviews I do on this site. Product vendors give me access to their items for free for me to do my review. However, I do not guarantee them about the results of my tests or what I will write in my testimonials. If you click on a web link that takes you to a sales page for an available paid product, this weblink will be an affiliate weblink and I will be paid a percentage of the sale price you have to choose to buy it.

Last but not least, thanks a lot for your time. I wish the best for you and your business.

Goodbye and see you in my next post.



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Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours





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